About State Engineering

State Engineering Corporation established in 1962 as the main Engineering establishment in Sri Lanka, to serve the nation withEngineering Designs, Construction, Project Management and Fabrication of precast concrete items. Even Today, the State Engineering Corporation maintain it’s position as the Sri Lanka's main state sector organization that provides the most comprehensive architectural and Engineering services under one roof, with unrivaled experience and capability.

Our Story

Over the decades, we have built on our heritage and reputation by engaging in sustainable and ethical activities that benefit society as a whole. Our company is built on the quality and experience of its employees; respecting and empowering individuals has been critical to its success. SEC workers are engaged and motivated to deliver excellence on projects time after time and to go above and beyond to fulfill our clients' expectations. SEC will be commemorating 61 years of successful construction in 2023, and our drive and passion will remain the same.


































Founding of the institution as a state-owned Industrial Corporation by a Parliamentary Act.

Establishment of the first commercial pre-cast yard.

Development of pre-cast, post-tensioned techniques for large Construction works and use of hollow core slabs for multi-story housing.

Establishment of Plant & Machinery Unit and Mechanical Workshops. Introduction of Piling Machines and slipform shuttering technique for the construction.

Moving into a 10 storied office complex with all modern facilities constructed within a very short period in the heart of Colombo, and introduction of the high-rise era to the Sri Lankan construction market.

Introduction of cutter suction dredgers to reclaim marshy lands for building the first highway to the Airport.
Introduction of the Architecture Practice at the Corporation

Designing and fabrication of Cutter Suction Dredgers with rubberized linings

Functioning as partners of international contractors in building the first concrete dam under the Sri Lanka Mahaveli development Program.

Taking the lead in the government program to build 100,000 houses for the middle income families within 36 months and to develop the housing schemes with pre-cast concrete components.

- Establishment of the first Welder Training School.
- Training welders and fabricators for Kellogs and Colombo Dock Yard Limited

The Design, fabrication and installation of Radial gates of Kalawewa (Sri Lanka) was done as per the international specifications.

Victoria the Sri Lanka's first Arch Dam was done with the collaboration of British contracting firms.

Collaboration with international contractor - Land & Marine - Handling the first Pipe Jacking operation in Sri Lanka was done during the construction of Sea outfall for the City of Colombo.

- Lead member in the program for 1.000.000 housing unit programs within 5 years.
- Undertaking the construction of R. Premadasa international Cricket Stadium, Colombo, Sri Lanka

- Design and built of Golden canopy at Dalanda Maligawa the temple of tooth Relic in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
- The commissioning of design, fabrication and installation of Kirindi oya dam radial gates. (Sri Lanka)
- Establishment of a pre-cast concrete Railway Sleeper Yard in Association with Department of Railways, Sri Lanka.

Manufacturing of personal carriers for Sri Lanka Airforce.

Restoration and re erecting of damaged world tallest Buddha statue at Maligawila Sri Lanka.

- ICTAD certificate of Merit for Economical Construction of Manning town Housing Scheme Sri Lanka.
- The Design, fabrication and installation of Radial gates of the Sri Lanka’s second largest Hydro - Electric scheme the Samanalawewa (Sri Lanka)

- Restoring the Kandy Dalanda Maligawa from the damages of Tragedy Terrorist attack. - ICTAD certificate of Merit for Economical Construction of Manning town Housing Scheme Sri Lanka.

Lumbini Buddhist cultural center construction.

Undertaking of the first overseas consultancy assignment for the construction of a Library at Malé in the Republic of Maldives.

Playing a key role in rehabilitating infrastructure damaged by Tsunami.

Winning of Award for Design Excellence from Sri Lanka Institute of Architects for the design of the Court Complex in Kandy.

Obtaining ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Completion of refurbishment and reconstruction of the inland Revenue Building which was damaged by the bomb blast within remarkable nine month period.

- Completion of Kettarama International Cricket Stadium and Pallekele Cricket Stadium within target for the ICC Cricket World Cup.
- Providing consultancy services for the Al-Kafeel Hospital at Karbalaa, Iraq.

Completing the construction of Toll gates of Southern express way Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Customs Head Quarters building was Awarded for Construction Excellence From the Institute of Construction Training & Development - 2013

Obtaining ISO 14001 : 2004 Certification

- Upgraded the ISO 14001 : 2004 Certification in to ISO 14001 : 2015
- Upgraded the ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification in to ISO 9001 : 2015

- Obtaining ISO 45001 : 2018 Certification. - Providing consultancy services for the restoration and alteration of St.Anthony’s Shrine, Kochchikade andalteration of St.Sebastian’s Church, Katuwapitiyawhich which was damaged by the Easter attack bomb blast 2019.

Establishment of an online system with the Covid pandemic.

Providing consultancy services for the restoration and renovation of Grand Oriental Hotel , Colombo.

Our Vision

To be the provider of innovative and integrated engineering solutions through excellent consultancy, construction, manufacturing and project management services supported by research and development, delighting the clients with the active participation of a competent and motivated workforce within a prosperous enterprise and thereby contribute to national development.

Our Mission

To be the Leading Engineering Enterprise in Sri Lanka

Our Goal

The successful implementation of a project from design to construction completed within the given time, cost and quality targets to the satisfaction of the client.

Our Strengths


We provide a loyal service to all our clients since 1962 to present.


SEC provides the most reliable engineering solutions to the industry.


We provide a guaranteed efficient service by collaborating with all our experienced professionals.


All our Engineering, Architectural, Quantity survey and construction teams are committed to serve all our clients to their fullest capacity.